Bonang Matheba and Somizi Mhlongo have gone from being best friends to no longer speaking to each other over rumours that he gossiped about her.
BONANG Matheba has ended her friendship with Somizi Mhlongo after she allegedly discovered that Somizi was gossiping about her, and leaking information about her relationship with AKA to his ex DJ Zinhle.
Sources say things took a turn for the worse when AKA was trying to reconcile with Zinhle, who revealed that she knew that AKA and Bonang were still seeing each other. When AKA pressed Zinhle for information about where she heard the news, the DJ apparently revealed that Somizi told her about AKA and Bonang’s relationship.
News that Bonang’s best friend betrayed her confidence is said to have made AKA angry. “He told Bonang to tell Somizi to stay out of his business. He also told Bonang to choose between their relationship and Somizi. AKA has always hated the friendship between Somizi and Bonang.
Now Bonang and Somizi’s feud has left many in Celebville shocked. Before falling out, the two were an unstoppable forceThey partied and travelled together. They also often posted pictures of their fun and glamourous friendship on Instagram, where they gushed about their mutual love and admiration. By all accounts, the duo enjoyed a relationship that many saw as solid and loyal.
Sources say their feud has divided their mutual friends, with some taking Somizi’s side and others Bonang’s.
“A lot of people in the industry are sick and tired of Bonang’s diva attitude. They are taking Somizi’s side. Another thing that annoyed a lot of celebrities was Bonang snatching AKA from Zinhle.
The relationship has attracted many enemies for her. Some people do not like Bonang because she is notorious for thinking highly of herself; she is a diva who doesn’t even greet some of her colleagues at Metro FM,” another source tells Move!.
This is not the first time Bonang and Somizi, who has revived his friendship with Andile Ncube, fight over AKA. They had a public spat in Zimbabwe last year while at a party. According to reports, trouble started when Bonang received a call from AKA, which resulted in her getting agitated and moody, which annoyed Somizi. Bonang refused to comment and referred Move! to her publicist, Phumza Nohashe. Like Somizi, Phumza had not responded at the time of going to print.