An email contained in an affidavit by M-Net CEO Yolisa Pahle revealed that Gareth Cliff’s fee for serving as a judge on the latest Idols reality show would be R377,530.
Cliff recently announced that he plans to stay on as an Idols judge, following his victory against M-Net in court.
An email conversation between Cliff’s manager Rina Broomberg and Anneke de Ridder, a producer at The Nevermachine, shows that the budget for Cliff’s fee for 2016 was increased by 6%.
This means that Cliff’s fee for the latest Idols show will increase from the previous R356,160, to R377,530.
The emails further show that Cliff wanted his team to travel with him to the Wild Coast Sun for “Theatre Week”, from where he wanted to do The Gareth Cliff Show on CliffCentral.
The request included having an ISDN line for the live broadcast, and a room for the studio.
MyBroadband asked Broomberg about Cliff’s Idols fee and other requirements, and she said that he accepted the terms in December when his involvement in Idols was confirmed.
She said there is still some uncertainty regarding the final fee and agreement, as discussions are set to continue between Cliff and the organisers of Idols.