Afro Jazz Guru Ringo Madlingozi was driving young women crazy with is love songs. They screamed, held each other and shed tears.
And then they shed their panties – and threw them at him.
But Ringo didn’t miss a beat as the panties came raining down at the Valentine’s event at Eyadini Lounge in Umlazi, KZN on Saturday night. Some excited fans even swung their panties in the air before tossing them on stage. But Ringo wasn’t going to spiol their fun. He kept singing his hot hits like Sondela, Kum Nakum and Ngiyagodola.
During the Saturday night fever at the end of his show he reached for his towel to wipe sweat off his face. And picked up a pair of panties instead! ‘Whose penties are these? Oh God! I almost used them to wipe my face,” Ringo laughed.
He later told us that he wasn’t really surprised, ‘I have no control over what people do when I perform,’ said the Jazzman. ‘ I just feel blessed to make my audience feel love on this Valentine’s eve. I take it that those panties were a sign that people still enjoy South African love songs and I am very honored to bring romance back to Umlazi. I hope people will really love each other, even after Valentine’s Day’ he said.
One fan, too shyto give her name, said the panties she threw were a symbol of her love for Ringo. ‘His songs made me feel so in love with him. I just couldn’t hold myself back. I love Ringo so much. His music drives me completely mad!’
Ringo shared the stage with artists like Mondli Ngcobo and DJ Merlon , Sbo Da Poet and DJ Muntu.