Chinese people are synonymous with kung fu and flooding the market with goods that do not last.
A made in China item is frowned upon because the Chinese folk are know to be cheap and manufacture goods that do not last. The legendary cheapness that identifies Chinese men has had Magosha’s in Bloemfontein up in arms with the kung fu legends.
Apparently our Chinese brothers are very stingy and particular with their choice of thigh vendors. Worse off, they do not like to wrap their chop sticks in a condom. We managed to get an exclusive from one Bloemfontein s_ex worker (she made us promise we will refer to her as s_ex worker not prostitute) who goes by the street name Marago.
You can guess why. Anyway, Marago, who originates from Lesotho said Bloemfontein was the town to go to for s_ex work. “I used to make over R1000 per day from quickies” Marago narrated while showing us the perfect quickie position. She bent forward.
We kindly asked her to stick to the topic at discussion. She obliged. “Since these Chinese men invaded Bloem, everything has gone to the dogs, bona abuthi (look brother) , that man at the corner shop is called Chow Lee. He is very rich as he sells bag and clothes. His family is in China so when he got here, I used to give him the pum pum, he used to pay well until he started demanding unprotected s_ex because his stash of condoms he had brought from China had run out. Apparently pipi ya gae (his manhood) is allergic to our local condom brands” , Marago said.
We could not finish the interview with Marago as she had been snatched by another Chinese man and left in his Jeep.
Despite the risk of spreading HIV, the Chinese men seemed very popular amongst the s_ex workers with many sex workers testifying that they are good for business sorely because they finish quickly and are fascinated by black girls.
Another se_x worker, Thuli also said , “ Chinese are good people, as long as they have their Chinese condoms, se grand (We are good). The problem comes when they run out. They simply refuse to wear locally made condoms’ Thili exclaimed, ‘but at the end of the day, we all going to die so I give them raw anyway.
The inevitable result of this is visible if you take a drive in Rodenbeck where most of these se_x workers stay as you will see quiet a lot of children born of Chinese fathers and black mothers.