THE relationship between AKA and DJ Zinhle has taken a turn for the strange: his mother, Lynn Forbes, has apparently moved into Zinhle’s house in Bryanston.
It’s the same house that AKA and the deejay shared when they were still a couple. People close to Zinhle are said to be surprised that Lynn has moved in with her son’s ex-girlfriend. “Lynn loves Zinhle so much that she decided to move in with her to be closer to her granddaughter, Kairo. She regards Zinhle as her Makoti. That’s why Lynn decided to stay with her and Kairo.
Lynn moved into the house last month and she is getting along with Zinhle. In fact, she wants to show AKA that he has lost a good woman,” says a source.
The move was inspired by Lynn’s dedication to being an active part of Kairo’s life.
“Lynn is a great woman. She has a heart of gold and she really understands that Zinhle is a driven career woman with a demanding schedule,” says a source.
There is another motive for the famously close pair’s decision. “Lynn believes that once AKA sees how close she and Zinhle are, he will come back to his senses and stop being a bad boy. She once told AKA to grow up and get back together with Zinhle, who she considers a great woman.”
The respect between the two women is mutual. “Zinhle gets very happy when she talks about Lynn. She says she is blessed to have Lynn in her life, and says Lynn is a great mother and always around to give her support, which Zinhle enjoys the most about their relationship,” says our source.
Our source says Zinhle has other motives for getting even closer to Lynn after breaking up with AKA.
“Zinhle hopes that AKA will see the light and come back to his senses. However, whatever the case is with AKA, Lynn and Zinhle are united by their love for Kairo.”
The relationship between AKA and Zinhle became talk of the town last year when they broke up shortly after their daughter’s birth amid allegations that he cheated on Zinhle with Bonang Matheba.
Bonang threatened to sue Zinhle for naming and shaming her in a blog post the deejay wrote to explain her suddenly single relationship status, while AKA denied that he had hooked up with Bonang.
Even though they deny being an item, a recent trip to Durban seems to prove their romance. During a performance at Club 47th, AKA serenaded Bonang. An eye witness says, “AKA is so in love with Bonang! He sang her a love song to show his appreciation for loving him.”
When we contacted them, AKA’s phone was off and Lynn didn’t respond to our email, while Zinhle’s publicist had not responded at the time of going to press.