Footballer Adam Johnson's world seems to be crashing gradually everyday as his girlfriend and mother of his child Stacey Flounders has not only broken up with him but also admitted at his child sex trial in court today that the England footballer cheated on her with other women.


Stacey, has stood by the side of the player all through his child sex scandal and even when he admitted to two charges of kissing and grooming a 15 year old girl, she was still giving him moral support by accompanying him to his court proceedings.

While weeping in court today she revealed that they had broken up, but she will still remain friends with him.
She described how he had told her everything about kissing a 15-year-old girl when he returned home after police questioning. 
Asked if he talked about other things during their discussion, she said: 
'The other women that he cheated on me with.'

When asked by defense counsel Orlando Pownall QC, if Johnson named the women he cheated on her with, she said; 
 'Just one. He wouldn't tell me the other names.' 
When asked how many there were, she said: 'Quite a few.'
Miss Flounders told the jury she had initially stuck by Johnson after his arrest because he was telling her the truth and being honest with her.

'Because he was honest with me and I knew he was telling the truth,' she replied. 'We'd just had a daughter. I wanted us to be a family.'
In a further question about their relationship, the defense counsel asked: 'Do you see any future in the relationship that you had?'. 
Stacey replied: 'Do you mean now? Not at the minute I don't, no.
'We're just going to remain friends.'   

But when cross-examined by prosecutor Kate Blackwell QC, Miss Flounders said Johnson admitted his infidelities when he returned from the police station and she quizzed him about meeting with the girl.
Blackwell also asked her if during the quizzing ,Johnson also gave her other details like he kissed the young girl passionately for two minutes, sent her a message telling her he wanted to rip her jeans off, whether he caressed her ,set up a private snapchat account and asked her for her naked pictures, to which Stacey quietly answered 'No!

After he returned from the police station after being questionned, Miss Flounders said she told her partner he was 'stupid' and asked why he did it.
'He was actually in shock and he realised what he did. He just said he was being stupid,' she told the court. 
Mr Pownall asked Miss Flounders: 'Did he ever deny that he kissed passionately a girl under the age of 16?'. She replied: 'No, he never denied it.' 

The teenage girl involved in the case told the court that as at when she was giving the player oral sex , his pubic area was shaved, so a photo of Johnson's penis obtained from the girl's phone was shown to Stacey,  which she said she couldn't recognise, because she had never seen the player shave his pubic area before.
Adam Johnson denies two more serious allegations of sexual activity with a child.
The trial continues.

Source: DailyMail