Shia LaBeouf’s uncle has been ordered to pay his famous nephew almost $1m.
The Transformers actor took legal action against Barry Saide in 2009 after he failed to repay an $800k loan and now the New York Appeals Court has thrown out the relative’s appeal against the original decision, which instructed him to repay the original amount, plus nine per cent interest, a total of $997k.
In his appeal, Saide claimed he had an agreement with the 29-year-old star to pay him back with interest in four companies he owned and the judge had ruled incorrectly by ordering him to repay the full amount.
He claimed that the deal was that the $800k could be repaid with cash or also be paid with property.
In response, Shia insisted the appeal was just an attempt to drag the case out longer to avoid paying him and told the court his uncle had never shown any proof of making even a single repayment.
And last month, the New York Appeal court ruled in favour of the actor.
Documents obtained by stated: “It is undisputed that defendant never paid on the note.
“Appeal from the aforesaid order, unanimously dismissed, without costs, as subsumed in the appeal from the judgment.”