THOKOZILE DRINKS. Marcus waits. And when she is so wasted that she can’t stand, he loads her on his caravan of love and takes her home.
Marcus Kgwedi (53) told Daily Sun he doesn’t like his wife getting so drunk that she can’t walk or stand.
“But my wife is a drunkard and there’s nothing I can do about it. I love her and I do everything I can to protect her,” he said.
“She always tells me which tavern she’s drinking at so “I can go and fetch her after she has had enough.”
Marcus even has a trolley to load up his wife, Thokozile Kgwedi (47) and take her home to their house in Tsakane, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng.He even makes sure that he brings a blanket to cover her when he pushes her down the street.

“I’ve been doing this for five years,” he said.
“If I don’t do this, thugs will end up raping or killing her.
“We live in a merciless world. I’ll rather save her than regret it later.”
Marcus said at first people used to laugh at him but now they are used to it.
Daily Sun watched as Marcus pushed his wife home last weekend.People in the street, and even little children, watched and laughed.
“Give that man a Bells,” said one resident.
“He must love his wife very much. Who would do something like that?”
“U ya jabula yazi,” said another resident.
“She must be happy.
“She drinks and drinks, knowing her husband is standing by to take her home. I wish I was her.”
Marcus seemed embarrassed and unhappy that people were laughing at his wife.
“I wish she would cut back or give up her drinking habit and go back to being the woman I love,” he said.
Marcus said he met his wife more than 10 years ago and they got married a year later.They have two children.Thokozile, lying slumped on Marcus’ carriage of love, said she appreciated what her husband did for her.
“I’m not proud of myself, being fetched from the tavern and taken home on a trolley. I wish I could dump my drinking habit but it is hard for me,” she said before closing her eyes and passing out.
Source-Daily Sun