Actress Omuhle Gela recently landed in hot water after she shared an unflattering picture of a young lady, which went viral on social media last week.
The picture is of a Pretoria student Thato Neluheni, who shared a snap of herself wearing a bikini top and shorts on her Facebook page.
Thato’s picture instantly went viral with people trolling her and calling her all sorts of names.
Omuhle reposted the picture on her Instagram with the caption “Mood.”
The actress’ followers immediately started commenting on the picture and called Thato ugly and other vulgar names.
Thato’s sister happened to see the picture on Omuhle’s page, and called her out on it.
“This is disappointing. People like you should be using your platform to do good. You post bikini pictures of yourself all the time. Just because her body isn’t as perfect as yours doesn’t give you the right to make fun of her,” wrote Thato’s sister.
Speaking to Sunday Sun Thato said that she was shocked when she saw the picture on Omuhle’s page.
“I was shocked because she obviously found the picture on Facebook, where it was being shared with all sorts of hurtful captions. She could have taken it to Instagram and shared a message of ‘no body-shaming’.”
Omuhle told the paper that she had no malicious intentions.
“I had no malicious intentions when I posted a picture of a woman wearing a bikini in the hot weather with the caption Mood. But when I realised the post was seen as harmful, I deleted the picture,” she said.
Source:The Juice