Oddisee, 'The Good Fight'

Oddisee tackles the definition of success on his new album The Good Fight. His stellar 12-track release battles the underrated tag placed on himself, which he shared with XXL earlier this year. “There’s this archaic concept of what success is that I have continually fought against," the D.C. native shared. "And then I realized I was fighting a good fight. I make a form a music that isn’t celebrated but it needs to be made.” Oddisee casts himself as a public guinea pig to examine self-doubt, hypocrites and personal struggles. The production and cohesiveness is grade A and he takes great leaps outside of the box from his early boom-bap-heavy music. He sings a lot more here and at times is very brash, even dropping lines about how much money he’s making. The Good Fight is a solidl 12-round bout against mainstream’s regulations.