A mother died of an apparent heroin overdose in front of her seven-month-old daughter while inside the baby’s hospital room. Nearby the girl’s father was found unconscious after he too took the drug while visiting.

The death of Mary Ann Landers has shocked the small town of Trinity, Alabama, where she and her husband where known as doting church-going parents.

Just hours before the 32-year-old died on Wednesday the couple had taken to Facebook to update the progress of their daughter who had undergone surgery.
The mother was later found slumped on the floor at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Centre and her husband Wesley Landers was discovered unconscious in nearby room.

He was found with a heroin syringe in his arm and revived with Narcan. Another two syringes were nearby on the bathroom counter, documents state.

The father has since been arrested and faces charges of possession of drugs, carrying a concealed weapon, having weapons while under disability and possessing drug abuse instruments.
A judge ruled for his bond to be set at $500,000 (£344,000) bond.
“It just goes to show you how strong the grip is of drugs,” said Hamilton County Coroner Dr Lakshmi Kode Sammarco.
She added that in just the last two weeks, her office has investigated more than 20 overdose related deaths.
“There is just something inherently wrong with bringing a child to a very specialised medical centre, one of the best in the world, and then making a really bad mistake and losing your own life,” Dr. Sammarco added.
The Landers daughter had been admitted to the hospital in Cincinnati for a trachea reconstruction surgery.
Officials said the surgery went well, and the baby is recovering.
Police continue to investigate the incident.
"I've got to say now nothing really surprises me,” said Chief Tom Synan of the Hamilton County Heroin Coalition. "It is shocking where it happened, how it happened. You're right there with your child.”

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