US hip hop artist and actor Yasiin Bey, better known by his former stage name, Mos Def, has dissed South Africa in a pre-recorded message posted on Kanye West’s official website.
Bey starts his message with a freestyle saying “no more parties in SA” in reference to Kanye West’s latest single No More Parties in LA.
West tweeted a link to his website which hosts the message recorded over the phone by Bey who is still being detained in South Africa.
South African personalities and social media users made their feelings known about US rapper Yasiin Bey, also known as Mos Def, after his call for fellow artists to boycott the country.
The rapper is in a spat with the country’s Department of Home Affairs, after he was arrested on Thursday, 14 January 2016 on charges of contravening the country’s immigration laws.
The artist, born Dante Terrell Smith, was arrested last week after he attempted to leave Cape Town by producing an unrecognised “world passport”.
This document was declined by immigration officials at Cape Town International Airport, said department of home affairs spokesperson Mayihlome Tshwete.
According to Bey he has been able to enter and exit the country before using the document.
The World Government of World Citizens says the world passport represents the inalienable human right of freedom of travel on planet Earth.
On their website they share a list of countries that have accepted the document in the past with photo proof. South Africa is listed as a country that has accepted the document before as a legal way to enter the country.
In the freestyle Bey raps: “Please tell them no more parties in SA/Hey Home Affairs I don’t need to stay/Why don’t I feel safe/This isn’t an expression of fear”.
The 42-year-old says he believes there are “political motivations" behind the way he is being treated.
“I didn’t commit a crime. It’s curious. I haven’t broken any law. I’m being treated like a criminal,” he says.
He later adds: “I just want to leave this state. I just want to go home. South Africa interferes with my ability to move. I want to move and never return to this state again…I’m on the side of the right. People can believe what they want. What people think about me is none of my business.”
In the recording Bey, who also reveals that he will be releasing his final album later this year, thanks Kanye for being a true friend and supporting him during this difficult time.
Home Affairs is said to have an official media briefing later on Wednesday related to Bey’s arrest.