Black Friday in South Africa

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Khanyi Mbau had enough Gauteng record-breaking 40°C heat wave

According to the South African weather service, Gauteng is set for a scorching, record-breaking 40°C heat wave on Thursday.
It’s not enough that we’ve already been suffering from the extremely high temperatures for a while, but it’s clear that the weather gods want us to boil even more. Honestly, we can’t take it anymore!
Even Khanyi Mbau has had enough!
In a hilarious video post, Khanyi complained about how much the heat has dampened her “fleekness” and that it’s clearly open season for the mosquitos.

A video posted by Khanyi Mbau METANOIA (@mbaureloaded) on

A video posted by Khanyi Mbau METANOIA (@mbaureloaded) on

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