Songstress and actress, Kelly Khumalo has opened up about the sleepless nights that she is having because of the late Senzo Meyiwa’s isipoko!
She is now begging Prophet Mboro to come and chase Senzo Meyiwa’s ghost out of her house. Kelly said her whole family now doesn’t know what sleep feels like since the death of Senzo, and every reputable sangoma in the country is unable to chase the ghost from her house.
Kelly who looked visibly exhausted during the interview was quoted by iMzansi Satire, ” We even stole a 3 metre rail steel to chase the ghost and it did not work…he tickles us when we try to sleep and switch the lights on when we switch them off, he really annoys us.”
Apparently Senzo’s ghost even mess up the food in the house. If they cook meat he empties the whole pack of chilli and salt in the pot. If they cook some rice he adds eggs and cabbage just to ruin it.
Kelly’s sister who looked haggard as if she hasn’t eaten for a year also chirped in, “The ghost is invisible and it likes watching soccer, if pirates loses it beats up everyone in the house…we really need help.”
The family is pleading with anyone who can reach Prophet Mboro or any other figure with powers to exorcise  to tell them, Kelly needs help though she still maintains that she had nothing to do with Senzo’s death!