Jack Mabaso is coming back from the death and he's as bad as ever, with his magnetic glare and slow measured voice, there are very few actors who can play a super villain  like Vusi Kunene and soapie creators know it too. While  Vusi has had an interesting time playing Bhekifa Ngubane on Isibaya, the actor has unfinished business with Generations Jack Mabaso.  and he intends to deal with all his enemies in the most ruthless way this time around.

After a long coma that eventually led to Jack Mabaso's untimely death, Generations creators and Vusi Kunene are intent on bringing the ruthless gangster back to life in a plot twist like no other.

He has new scores to settle and business empires to conquer "  I still have to discuss a few things with Generations so for now I' m still focused on playing Bhekifa Vusi says

"I'm looking forward to playing Jack Mabaso again. I have some unfinished business with Jack" he says . Generations - The Legacy will see Jack squaring up against Gadaffi.

He Loves Being Bad

Vusi Kunene  doesn't mind playing the bad guy over and over again because he says dad guys are just more fun.  "Being a bad guy is exciting . The pool of South African characters isn't that big, you are either the good guy or the bad , which isn't very challenging. In the last 10 years, the most exciting character on TV has been Isibaya Mphiyake Zungu and Mgijimi (The Zombie ) who were played by Siyabonga Twala at the same time."

No Loose Strings 

Although many actors would jump at the chance of being on Generations - The Legacy, Vusi Kunene is taking is time making his comeback  and making sure he doesn't burn any bridges . He says this is important for any actor. I have't dumped Isibaya. I am working until my contract ends then I am moving on to Generations . Until then, I am still focused on playing Bhekifa"