Africa’s largest solar carport in Kenya constructed by Solarcentury is set to be opened at the newly constructed Garden City mall. The move is set to cut carbon emissions by around 745 tonnes annually.
Solarcentury said that the constructed solar carport in Kenya will use the dual-mode technology which is a highly innovative energy solution that provides solar energy during the day implying that less is used from the grid; and when the grid is down, the system also reduces the consumption of costly diesel back up. Basically, the system is able to operate in either mode.
The dual-mode system will be very effective as it will ensure a consistent energy supply is produced while reducing diesel and grid consumption. Apart from  being a more environmentally friendly energy solution it will help reduce energy bills for Garden City’s retail tenants.
The solar  carport in Kenya  which will be located on the topmost storey of the car park will provide shade and the 3,300 solar panels on the carports will also generate 1256 MWh per year.
Finances for installation of the solar carport in Kenya will come from NVI Energy’s Solar4Africa, a 12 year financed solution that enables Garden City to harness the power of renewable energy overcoming many of the barriers that can often overwhelm commercial solar projects. It will be constructed by Solarcentury.
Solarcentury which is based in UK is one of the world’s most trusted, respected and long-standing solar panel companies.