And the Twitter sleuths don’t miss a beat! This picture of Bonang quickly surfaced online, where she’s wearing a bikini that’s very similar to the one in AKA’s Instagram post.

Could AKA’s mystery island “queen” be Bonang Matheba? Here’s what we know so far.

UPDATE: The Juice confirmed that AKA and Bonang are totes on vacay together. The Juice contacted the hotel where they are staying and the receptionist confirmed that they were both there and had checked into the same room. Read the full story here.

Last year DJ Zinhle exposed AKA and Bonang’s secret love affair. And let’s be honest, who can forget the D-R-A-M-A that unfolded? Both AKA and Bonang denied the allegations and Bonang hit back and threatened Zinhle with a defamation of character lawsuit, which erm never happened.

Following numerous sightings, there has been speculation that the two are secretly seeing each other.

Yesterday AKA posted totally dreamy pics of his vacay in Mozambique on social media. Just a couple of hours later Bonang posted snaps of her heavenly island getaway too. And the similarities are just too striking to be ignored.

AKA posted this image, captioned: "Peace and quiet on the island. Me and my queen move in silence."

Can we also just do a quick side by side of their beach view?

According to Just Curious, the pair was also spotted at the Bungalow Restaurant in Clifton, Cape Town this past weekend. Sigh, can these two just come clean now!

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