Basetsana Kumalo has warned her fans not to fall for a weight-loss scam that's using her name.

The media mogul, who made the decision to change to a healthier lifestyle which resulted in weight loss, has taken to social media to set the record straight about how she lost the weight.

She explained that it took her 18 months to lose weight after the birth of her third baby. "Nobody can lose 13 kg in 1 month as the scam advert claims," Basetsana wrote.

Hello Tweeps, Facebook and IG family, If it didn't involve people's health, I wouldn't give this disingenuous post on social media a second thought! I am firm advocate of making healthy lifestyle choices which include exercising and eating healthily! I have shared posts of my workouts and how I lost weight! It took me all of 18 months to lose weight after the birth of our third baby, nobody can lose 13kg in 1 month as the scam advert claims! 
The modus operandi of the local distributors is to use local public figures to push the product, if you are one the few that even receives it, after them taking your credit card details! They have done that in the US, UK, Canada and other countries. My legal team reported the scam to Facebook last year, when they used my persona and the scam was pulled off, and it has been reported again! Please don't be fooled and fall prey to this hoax! There are no shortcuts to sustainable healthy weight loss!!! Happy Wednesday!!!😘

In 2015, Mrs Kumalo shared some of her weight loss secrets on Instagram. Trust us, she's put a lot of effort to reach that her current weight!

Do not fall for scams, peeps. If you want to lose weight, do it properly.
Image credit: Instagram