Charges against Chris Brown for allegedly punching a woman earlier this month have been dropped due to a lack of evidence.
The Fine China hitmaker was accused of striking Liziane Gutierrez in the face during an afterparty in Las Vegas earlier this month, but police have now shelved the case because there isn’t enough evidence, TMZ reports.
Brown had always denied the allegations and insisted the alleged victim was just annoyed at not being allowed into the party.
The woman had claimed the 26-year-old singer struck her right eye using his fist because she had snuck her mobile phone into the private party he was holding in his suite at the Palms Hotel.
However, Brown’s representative insisted Gutierrez – who did not seek medical attention and called police a few hours after leaving the party – was escorted out of the star’s private afterparty for “being disruptive and out of control.”
While waiting for security to bring out her phone, she allegedly had a “total meltdown,” which was caught on the hotel’s security cameras, prompting the venue’s security staff to step in an assist in removing her from the resort.
Last August, Gutierrez was left infuriated when she didn’t get into Jason Derulo’s afterparty.
She later claimed he tried to get the women who did attend to do “some nasty stuff”, but the claims were again unsupported.