Actor and television presenter Akhumzi Jezile is still traumatised after he escaped death following a botched hijacking of his BMW in November last year.

Jezile spoke for the first time about his ordeal this week and told Sunday World that he was still trying to recover from the traumatic incident.

The 27-year-old former YoTV child star said he was driving in Auckland Park, Joburg, when two men approached him at a stop sign and pointed a gun at him. Jezile said he thought they wanted to hijack him.

"I'm really trying to get over this and put it behind me because it was a very traumatic experience. They pulled me out of my car, punching and kicking me and calling me a s**t celebrity.

"They took my iPhone 6 plus, some cash, my wallet and everything that was in the car."

Police spokesman Xoli Mbele confirmed a case of armed robbery was reported by Jezile but said it was still under investigation and no suspects had been arrested yet.

Mbele said the assailants failed to take Jezile's car because he threw the keys away, according to his police statement.

"Crime is a reality in our country and police can't do anything about it," said Jezile. "When I called them they were very rude. Our police system is very useless. Even the two officers who assisted me came after an hour."

The actor, who appeared on TV productions such as Tempy Pushas and Intersexions, said he had given up on the matter "because I know the police will never find those guys".