THE LOVELY Bonang came home. But nobody was there to welcome her . . . BECAUSE AKA HAD GONE BACK TO HIS FIRST LOVE, DJ ZINHLE! 
That’s according to Jozi’s showbiz rumour mill.
Sunday Sun was the first to hear several stunning allegations that rapper AKA had dumped his new love – for the old one.
As showbiz insiders tried to work out what was happening, sources came forward with astonishing claims.
Most of them allege award-winning rapper AKA has dropped Queen B to go back to his baby mama, DJ Zinhle.
AKA (real name Kiernan Forbes) has moved back in with Zinhle, the gossips claim.
A source close to the couple says AKA had found his own place and had given Bonang a spare set of keys.
The source added: “Queen B went to their love nest and to her dismay found the apartment empty. She thought someone had broken in!”
The source claims Bonang panicked and called AKA. But his phone rang unanswered. A second source alleged Bonang heard the bad news as a rumour.
The source alleged: “AKA loves his daughter and Zinhle has matured. And they want to give it another try for the sake of the child.”
Yet another source claimed to have spotted AKA and Zinhle together in Mpumalanga.
“They were also together in Richards Bay where AKA posted a message on Twitter that he was on holiday with bae.”
This insider said the cold affair caught fire again when Zinhle told AKA he could see his child any time.
“He was always at Zinhle’s house,” said the mole. But there is confusion in the rumour mill, and some contradictory claims have emerged.
One source said the couple might still be together, but AKA had to make things right with Zinhle for the sake of the baby.
That source alleged: “AKA told us he was going to Cape Town with Bonang for the Queens Plate race.”
But another person claimed AKA was overheard fighting with Bonang by cellphone when Bonang missed a flight to East London.
Another source alleged AKA was still between Zinhle and Bonang, saying: “On New Year’s eve, AKA was with Bonang in Sun City!”
AKA hung up on the SunTeam. Zinhle asked us to send an email, but her publicist Nomdeni Mdakhi responded: “The allegations are untrue.”
Bonang’s phone rang unanswered.