This was after he allegedly abandoned his MC duties after he was booked for a wedding at Jane Furse, in Limpopo, last weekend.
The unhappy bride, Fortunate Moukangoe, said she was left embarrassed and upset at how Nkuna let her down.
"I was such a fan of Nick, which is why I wanted him to MC my wedding. He knew about my wedding in August already. We booked him and paid him R7000 for his MC duties, plus booked him accommodation with a plus one," she said.
Moukangoe claims it all went downhill when Nkuna showed up late on Saturday for the white wedding in Bushbuckridge but went AWOL on Sunday for the traditional ceremony in Jane Furse.
"He was supposed to be at the church at 11am but he showed up at 3.30pm. He made us look so bad in front of important guests. He reassured me that he would be there on Sunday, but instead he didn't show up at all. He ignored our calls. It was so frustrating," she lamented.
Moukangoe said she demanded a refund but Nkuna has ignored her.
"I think it's only fair that he reimburses us. His name was on the programme as MC and everyone in the small town was starstruck and looked forward to seeing him. Instead we were left with egg on our faces. He made us look so bad, like we lied about having a celebrity as a host. He needs to refund me."
Nkuna says the couple are not telling the truth.
"I was not paid my full amount for the MC work, and I specifically told them that I would not come until I was paid," he says.
"I was late on Saturday because the money only came through to my account at 11am ... That was when I left to drive to Bushbuckridge, and arrived to an absolute mess. They were disorganised, I had no one to fetch me, so I got lost and drove around on a gravel road that made me worry about my car.
"Then when I arrived I was given some dingy room full of bags to change in. I don't understand why you would hire a celebrity for an event but subject them to such."
Nkuna also claims he was not warned upfront that the Sunday event was going to be two to three hours in travelling time.
"I was not told that the wedding venue in Jane Furse was three hours away. I asked them to put in petrol for me to drive there, and they did not. I was still awaiting the balance of the money for my MC work, and it also never came. I had to also work on Monday, so I told them I would not be able to come through. They were just demanding too much of me."
The bride denied Nkuna was not told about Jane Furse upfront and said he "knew all along".