Justin Bieber is not a happy man because his love Selena Gomez was caught kissing his buddy Niall Horan on Dec. 4. Now, he’s demanding answers from his friend,
Justin Bieber, 21, is so hurt that Selena Gomez, 23, was caught kissing someone else. What makes it even worse is that it was his friend Niall Horan, 22. Confused and heartbroken, Justin is turning to Niall for answers.
Justin was seemingly blindsided by Niall and Selena’s make out session at a party on Nov. 4, especially since Justin was seen out with Selena several times throughout Nov. and they’ve talked nonstop about how much they love and respect each other. He definitely didn’t expect Selena to hook up with Niall of all people, and now he wants answers. “As far as Niall is concerned, Justin has been stung by the news,” an insider says. “He wants all the details of what went down. He is so hurt by this news and wants answers ASAP.

Justin is so upset because he and Niall are buddies, and he never expected him to steal his girl. The two guys have enjoyed making bets and joking with each other over simultaneous album releases, and have shown nothing but love and support for each other. We understand why Justin would feel stabbed in the back, and why he would feel comfortable talking to Niall about how hurt he is. A source close to Justin says that he’s not upset.
However, it really isn’t that shocking that Niall and Selena are hooking up. Back in 2014, Niall reportedly flew Selena to London for a date after her best friend Taylor Swift insisted that they were perfect for each other. Maybe Taylor brought Niall up again once Selena started cozying back up to Justin in Nov., in hopes of protecting her from more heartbreak. Plus, Selena had dinner with the 1D boys before Justin’s AMAs after party. We can’t help but feel a little sorry for Justin, but Niall and Selena also seem like a great match. We’ll just have to wait and see who she ends up with!