2 Township boys from Katlehong (zones 3 & 7) who grew up in a society where hiphop had no home. Coming from a poverty-stricken background with all the negativity and lack of resources it seemed almost inexplicably impossible for one to make it out of the hardships of the “hood” especially in the cutthroath industry. Acompanied by a series of disappointments, let downs and broken relationships the journey towards success required unconditional dedication ; persistence; hardwork and focus – all qualities of which both individuals amazingly acquired.
Today, not only have these two young men managed to decapitate the struggle by breaking the poverty cycle however they have successfully turned their dreams into a career and defeated the odds by becoming two of the most successful rappers in South Africa.
The superstars have played a prominent role in representing the Eastrand in the world stage and have proven to be an inspiration to the youth. Going after the success of the event of last year at THE BALCONY, in the spirit of 2016 the young men have decided to “DREAM BIG, THINK BIG & GO BIG” and host the REASON x KWESTA EKURHULENI FESTIVAL featuring successful local entertainers at HUNTERSFIELD STADIUM. If you’re a hustler you probably ask yourself this “why are all eyes on me? – Well, you’re not an ordinary being, it means your vision is forever on HD, there’s no sleep, endurance is key, eventually they’ll bump the cheese up, for now go get a refresh and put your glasses to the ceilling!!!
TICKETS AVAILABLE AT : HUNTERS FIELD STADIUM (Contact 011 0366 371 or WhatsApp 078 1915 451)