FORMER Metro FM DJ, Sibusiso “DJ Sbu” Leope, seems to be attracting a lot of bad luck lately!
The DJ, TV presenter and entrepreneur was allegedly barred from entering the Castle Milk Stout VIP marquee at Emmarentia Park at the 13th Jozi Summer Shine on Sunday.
An onlooker said he was stopped by two security guards at the entrance.
“The female security guard said they would get in trouble if they let him in,” the source said.
“He then became humble and kissed the female security guard on the cheek and tried to swindle his way into the marquee. But he didn’t win.
“It seems the security guards got direct orders not to let anyone who didn’t have the proper tag and accreditation.
“It’s a pity DJ Sbu couldn’t use his face to get in,” the source said.
Recently, DJ Sbu claimed online he’s “broke” – news which was followed by his sacking from the popular game show, Friends Like These, a show he has presented for many years.
Many believe DJ Sbu is doomed because of his alleged obsession with the media, which can work against him at times.
But he doesn’t seem to give up on his business ventures.
DJ Sbu caused a furore when he claimed to have made the cover of the respected Forbes magazine and has since made several blunders.
DJ Sbu said: “I was wearing a Mofaya overall and ended up getting a backstage pass.
“Who cares about VIP when you have a backstage pass?”
A Castle Milk Stout representative said the Castle Milk Stout tent was for accredited, invited guests only. “The brand is not aware of any incident that occurred on the day.”