PRETTY Sandra Vuma’s landlord and neighbours warned her against taking men to her rented room.
But she didn’t stop.
And it ended with the death of herself, her boyfriend and a sugar daddy in her room.
The incident happened at zone 2 in Seshego, outside Polokwane in Limpopo on Friday.
Sandra (27) and her boyfriend of three years, Rhulani Tingisa (31), are from the same village in Elim.
People told Rhulani that Sandra was cheating on him.
At 6am on Friday he took a gun to the room they sometimes share – and caught Sandra in bed with wealthy lover Israel Khoza (55) of Musina.
One of the tenants from the yard said they heard Rhulani saying, “So it’s true. You are cheating on me!”
“Then shots were fired. He didn’t give them a chance to reply.
“He just pulled the trigger and then it was quiet in the room,” said the tenant.
People found Sandra, Rhulani and Israel dead in a pool of blood.
One of Sandra’s friends said Rhulani had threatened to shoot Sandra two weeks before.
This was after he heard that she was cheating on him. She said the tenants from the other rooms where Sandra lived chased him away. The friend said the landlord told Sandra she had to go as she was tired of her bringing men to her room.
A source said: “Rhulani stalked her until he caught them red-handed at the room they were renting.
“Sandra was playing these guys. “She changed them like underwear.
“I believe she did it to get money from both men. She always said she didn’t earn enough and the men gave her money. I saw different cars at her room. The landlord spoke to her about this a few months ago.”
Rhulani’s father Sydney Tingisa, said he wished his son had spoken to him about his girlfriend problem.
Warrant Officer Mothemane Malefo of the Seshego police said two murder cases and an inquest were opened.