Three Mozambican nationals have been arrested after they were found with dollars, euros and rands amounting to R76m, the SA Revenue Services said on Saturday.
Sars spokesperson Sandile Memela said the silver Toyota Hilux was intercepted at the Lebombo border post in Mpumalanga on Friday around 05:40. They were entering South Africa from Mozambique, he said.
"Officials searched it and discovered that the canopy had false compartments. When they questioned the driver, he claimed it was empty."
Officials then proceeded to remove the canopy and discovered a false compartment. Underneath it, they found bags of plastic bags filled with the cash.
Officials found almost $4.9m, about 22 000 and R20 000 all together. When converted to Rands the total amount was R76m, Memela said.
The trio was expected in court soon.