Wife #7: Inkhosikati LaMasango, née Senteni Masango: “The High-School dropout” (Born: 1981. Married: 2000)

Wife #7: Inkhosikati LaMasango. Source: BBC News
When King Mswati III secretly chose his 7th bride, the Times of Swaziland ruffled the royal feathers when it referred to LaMasango as an irresponsible high-school dropout, noting that she’d been expelled for indiscipline and absenteeism from two different schools. The New York Timessubsequently reported that Bheki Makhubu, the Sunday editor of the paper in question, was arrested, charged with defamation and forced to resign. Since then LaMasango has pursued her interest in painting, hosting auctions of her work to fund-raise for charity.