They have been together for 22 years but now the pastor has taken a nyatsi. He said it was his wife’s fault for not taking care of him.
And Maria agrees.
“I can only cook pap,” said Maria Faleni (38), while dressed in a Kaizer Chiefs skipper.
“Doing housework is not my strong point. My mother warned me to learn to cook but I like soccer.”
Sitting on the couch next to his wife, a Bible in his hands, pastor Thembinkosi Zenzile (47) confessed that although he is still
married to Maria he has already proposed to the nyatsi.
He didn’t want to say how old his nyatsi is, but he did say that she was a bit younger than Maria.
He said he loved her very much and he also loved her chicken stew, dumplings, pork and tripe.
He said he and Maria started having serious problems in 2012 when he spoke to her about not cooking or cleaning.
“Maria became arrogant and started shouting at me. She accused me of things that I never did and I decided to cheat. Life was not the same in the house,” said the man of God.
The pastor from God’s Closet Ministries in Silvertown squatter camp, George, Western Cape said he is confused.
He said he still loves his wife.
“Maria is a good wife but as a good husband I had to help her with the cooking and the cleaning. I helped her a lot,” he said.
Thembinkosi and Maria lived together for fourteen years before they got married eight years ago, but now things are very bad.
He said he even tried to get a protection order against his wife because she harasses him when he is having a good time with his nyatsi.
“The court sent us to Family and Marriage SA, but that made no difference. I think my heart is with my nyatsi and not with Maria,” he said.
He asked the People’s Paper to leave his church and nyatsi out of the story because this was a matter between him and his wife.
Maria told Daily Sun it is true that she can’t cook or clean.
“But Thembinkosi always knew that and in 22 years we never had a problem,” said Maria.
“I didn’t realise this would have such a bad effect on my marriage because my husband spoiled me by helping me.”
She said she really wants her husband back.
“We must both swallow our pride and carry on where we left off,” she said.
Thembinkosi said he is engaged and he has met his nyatsi’s family but he loves his two children and he’ll do anything for them.
The nyatsi did not want to be named or get involved. She said she won’t interfere.
“The ball is in Thembinkosi’s court. He is the one who must decide,” she said.