IT seems fashionista and TV presenter, Minnie Dlamini, has lost her mojo in the style department! 
This after Minnie was left out of the Style Awards which was held at the Southern Sun Hotel in Hyde Park last week.
Sunday Sun sources said her name was not even mentioned when they were honouring their previous winners.
Minnie won the Most Stylish award in 2013.
The source said organisers said Minnie was not innovative and has not done anything interesting in the past year. 

“It sounded rather bitter,” said the source.
The source said Minnie is not the only previous winner who was left out.
“Anele Mdoda, who won in 2014, was also not honoured,” said the fashion insider.
The source said Anele, who is known for being a straight talker allegedly fought with organiser Jill Groger. 

“She told Jill where to get off. Anele refused to be Jill’s mule and puppet. Jill complained about Anele not attending her events.
“But Anele told her she had better things to do. Then Jill lost it – and decided to ban her from all her events. 

“But Anele didn’t care. She told Jill she’s not like those who suck up to her, she has a good career,” said the source, who claimed Jill intentionally left Minnie and Anele out of this year’s event.
When we called her, Anele said she has no affiliation with the Style Awards.
“Well done to the Style Awards winner – but I don’t agree when it comes to conduct with the organisers of the Style Awards,” she said. 

Minnie said: “I wasn’t bothered by the Style Awards. I had no clue about being honoured.”
The source said there were complaints about former Miss SA, Basetsana Kumalo, being named the Stylish Woman. 

And a further source chipped in: “The awards are like handshakes from Jill to her people. It’s more like people exchanging favours, they have no credibility.
“Bassie is known for her brains – not her sense of style. I’m sorry, but we have many more stylish women in SA!” 

When we called for comment, a lady named Ashley picked up the phone at Jill’s company, Zebra Square, and said she couldn’t comment because Sunday Sun was not invited.