All eyes are on Idols SA finalists, Mmatema Moremi and Karabo Mogane as they prepare for their final showdown on Sunday.
Whilst their followers desperately try their hardest to ensure their favourite contestant walks away with the title, we cannot deny that the votes will probably be tight, as Mmatema and Karabo have to be two of the most talented finalists we’ve seen in the history of the competition.
Week after week, they have both become stronger than their previous performances, and even though they received shrewd criticism from the Idols SA judges, that has not deterred them. 
So here we are a few days away from hearing who will be our Idols SA for the year 2015, but who will take the crown this year?
Both contestants are great singers, good looking and have managed to garner a strong stage presence, thanks to all the mentoring they received from musical greats in the industry. Yet we still ask who will take this prestigious title?
Mmatema’s followers have saved her so many times, will their votes be enough to take her to victory this time around?
Mmatema performs her new single “Because of You” for the very first time.