Former Manchester United footballer, Alan Smith's marriage to dancer, Kristina MacMillan, 29 has ended after just four months. The pair who have known each other for eight years and dated for four got married in a lavish wedding but that didn't stand in the way of 34-year-old Smith leaving his wife for a married car dealer 9 years older than he is and 14 years older than Kristina. 

Smith met Sarah Cox, 43, (pictured above) at the gym and the two hit it off. Sarah's husband, Mark is said to be distraught but he has children and a business to run so he isn't sitting around feeling sorry for himself.

It’s understood Alan first met Sarah around a year ago. Friends of Sarah’s family reveal her husband has spoken to Alan’s wife to discuss their shock.

Kristina’s friends have insisted there is no chance of salvaging their relationship, adding: “Kristina has made it clear she won’t tolerate what has happened. She kicked him out and that was final for her. They’re now only speaking via lawyers. It’s a very sad end considering they’ve known each other eight years and dated for four, but she’s too hurt by it all.”

Alan, nicknamed Smudge, played 19 times for England and scored seven goals in 61 appearances for Man United.

He also starred at Leeds and Newcastle and is now at Notts County, who play just nine miles from his new love’s car lot.