Eskom says it has managed to get through 80 days without load shedding and there's a positive outlook for the end of the year.
The utility has vowed to do everything it can to avoid rolling blackouts, while still maintaining the power grid.
Earlier this year, unit six at the Medupi Power Station was brought online, which added about 800 megawatts to the grid.
Eskom’s Khulu Phasiwe says they’ve now taken it offline for testing and they've been able to avoid load shedding.

“We have taken it offline for 21 days for what we call post commercial outage. It’s similar to when people buy new cars. After they’ve driven for around 3,000 km or so, you take it back to the dealership so that they can check whether everything is still working okay.”

He says this is in addition to another big unit which is currently offline.