When he was just 2 years old, David Spisak, Jr. was diagnosed with leukemia. Today, six years later, the Chesapeake, Virginia boy has gone through two bone marrow transplants and was diagnosed with cancer for a fourth time in March.

Although doctors told David’s parents the boy would likely live only four to six weeks without treatment, they decided to forgo that recommendation so David could spend less time at the hospital and more time being an everyday kid, ABC News reported.

“We want him to experience everything we can possibly make happen!” his parents wrote on their YouCaring page.

As a result of his parents’ decision, one thing he has experienced is first love.
David started second grade in September but eventually was unable to attend because of his illness, according to WTKR.com.
His mother, Amber Spisak, knew her son had a crush from class, but it was only when she and her husband saw cards from Ayla, 7, expressing how much the little girl loved and missed David that they realized how serious the children’s bond was. David’s classmates also wrote David about how much Ayla missed him.
"In art class, I told her (Ayla) I liked her and she just had a surprised face, so we started dating," David said, according to WKTR.com.
David’s parents asked how David knew he loved Ayla, and he replied, “My heart.”

Amber reached out to Ayla’s mother, Angela, and they both realized how much their children had connected. They arranged a date for the kids and David called Ayla to formally ask her out, ABC News reported.

Ayla ran toward David’s wheelchair when they met, ABC News reported, and later pushed it around and helped him with bowling balls. David got out of his wheelchair and walked for the first time in a month, according to WKTR.com.
"We were all so taken aback by their bond, their connection there," Spisak told ABC News. "No one else was allowed to touch him. They stayed together the entire time. His dad and I kept trying to stay close behind him to make sure he wouldn't fall, but he kept trying to be with her and taking her help. It was so natural. There was no hesitation from [either] one of them. They just wanted to be together."