FLYING kick master Dr Malinga has scored big!
The singer flaunted his new R3,2 million Zambezi Country Estate house on Facebook last week.
In another picture he posted the actual property advertisement of the house he bought.
The caption to one of the pictures read: Bond for what? Cash things, God is great, God bless my fans.
The singer, whose real name is Doctor Malinga, is one of the most booked artists in the entertainment calendar and has one of the busiest performing schedules.
His first big hit was I’m A Father To Be, which introduced him to the mainstream music industry.
A source close to Dr Malinga said: “A few years ago when his music career started picking up, he vowed to never move from his home town of Hammanskraal, to the north of Pretoria.
“But it seems he has broken that vow by buying a house for himself, after renovating his family home.
“This is not a bad thing because we all know what a good investment property is, especially if you buy it cash,” said the source.
The insider added: “It helps that he doesn’t drink and smoke because he saves a lot by not indulging in alcohol and cigarettes.
“And remember, he’s not into ladies and has stuck to his woman, whom he met before he was famous.
“This has helped him save a huge amount of cash, which is good. I hope other young artists can learn from his financial discipline,” said the source.
Dr Malinga will always be remembered for securing bookings without releasing an album for two years in a row. His latest album First Injection has a hit like Oteng.
Yesterday Malinga said: “This is a great achievement for me. I just want to tell people that anything is possible.
“Just keep your head up high and never forget to pray because prayer changes everything, so pray every day.”