President Jacob Zuma should be deeply ashamed of his comments made on Saturday that he believes the ANC comes first‚ and South Africa second‚ the Democratic Alliance says.

This is unbecoming of a President who has sworn an oath to be faithful to the Republic of South Africa‚ DA national spokesperson Refiloe Nt’sekhe said.
“President Zuma should retract – and apologise — for this statement immediately. It is an insult to every single South African‚ a violation of his oath of office‚ and cannot be left unchallenged‚ Nt’sekhe said.
It is this kind of sentiment that allows for abuse of power – to the detriment of ordinary citizens — in the name of the ANC.
 “A President of the Republic should always act in the best interests of South Africa‚ by promoting all that will advance the Republic‚ and opposing all that may harm it‚” Nt’sekhe added.
She said the DA was proud to be a party that would always put South Africa first.
“We believe in one nation‚ with one future‚ built on the principles of freedom‚ fairness and opportunity. This vision means putting South Africa first‚ always.