We saw Cassper Nyovest with a black Rolls Royce on the weekend of his Fill Up The Dome concert and the rapper did indeed share that the car was a sponsor for the weekend.

He recently came back from Baecation with Boity and well the both of them were sharing pictures on their Instagram in and around a new red Rolls Royce.
Now the thing about this is that he’s lead people to believe that he’s bought himself a new whip, ok maybe he did but that doesn’t explain why Euphonik has the EXACT same whip with what looks like the EXACT same number plate?
Could Cassper’s new whip be owned by Euphonik, or are these artists both sponsored by Rolls Royce and it’s Cassper’s turn to have the car?
Like Ntsiki said before, South African celebrities lead their fans on with material goods that they don’t really own. This is not the first time that Cassper gets caught up in a lie.
Check out the pics below and tell us what you think folks, who does the car really belong to?

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