CAROLINE Sibambo thought her life was almost perfect.
She had just bought a car and paid cash for it and to top it off, the man of her dreams asked her to marry him.
But sweet love has now turned to bitterness after her fiance allegedly stole her Kia Picanto!
Caroline (43), from Alexandra, east of Joburg said she bought her first car on 2 August for R37 000 – the same day that her fiance proposed to her.
Caroline said after she bought the car, her man used to borrow it to go to work.
“Then on 11 October, he took the car.
“I haven’t seen him or my car since.
“The first two days after he left, his phone was ringing but since then it has been switched off.
“I left several messages but he didn’t reply.”
She said when she met him in February she thought she had found a loving, caring and God-fearing man.
Domestic worker Caroline showed the SunTeam her engagement ring that He gave her, promising to marry her next April.
“I was so happy.
“He made me smile and laugh all the time when I was with him.
“I trusted him because he used to make us pray and go to church every Sunday,” said Caroline.
The single mum said when she met him, he told her he worked at City Power.
“He seemed a busy person who was always on his computer when he came to visit me.”
She said all she wanted was her car and he could keep his ring.
“He must bring my car and take his ring.
“I hate him for deceiving me,” she said.
Police confirmed that a case of theft of a motor vehicle was registered with Alexandra police and that investigations were ongoing.
Gauteng police spokesman Captain Tsekiso Mofokeng says they’d like to speak to Prince Simango about the incident.