AN evening of drinking ended in chaos on Sunday when an angry ex-boyfriend set a tavern on FIRE!
According to Marble Ntoahae, the owner of the tavern in Pimville, Soweto the man was furious after his former girlfriend refused to go home with him.
Boozers could be seen running for cover in all directions after the suspect showered the tavern with petrol
“We saw the couple talking outside. The boyfriend left and a few minutes later, I heard people screaming and running out of the tavern. I could smell petrol on everyone and I got very worried when I saw flames on the tables and chairs inside,” said Marble.
She said with the help of patrons and family members she managed to put out the blaze.
Nomsa Smith (32), the woman who had been fighting with her boyfriend, said they had been together for eight years and he was abusive.
“Three weeks ago I decided to leave him and went home to my parents. Since then he has been begging me to get back together again but I have been refusing,” she said.
According to Nomsa, her ex-boyfriend arrived at the tavern at about 10pm demanding she go home with him.
“I refused and he left the place angry. He later came back and started splashing everyone with petrol he had in a five litre jug,” she said.
“We all ran away as he lit the place up before vanishing into the darkness.”
Nomsa said in 2008, her boyfriend was arrested for beating her but she dropped the case.
Police spokeswoman, Constable Thuli Ngwenya confirmed a case of malicious damage to property was opened at Kliptown Police Station but no arrests were made.