Distinguishing important information from unimportant information can be a time consuming process, which can be made easier by using the following processes

Check Dates.

Verify that the information you receive or find is still valid by check date  it was sent to you or the date it was published. You might be able to disregard information because it has expired.

Consider the source.

Check from whom you receive the information. This step is specially crucial when you find information the internet which now if full of junk content. You must make sure your source is reliable before acting on the information the source is providing.

Find the ultimate source.

Make sure you know from whom the information is coming in the first place. By the time information reaches you or by the time you find it on the internet. it might have already been filtered through several different sources. Find the ultimate source of the information can help you determine how valuable information is to you.

Separate Facts from opinion

Facts can be verified. For example if you hear that Apple dropped Google maps on its brand, there will be statement made by Apple to the public and Google confirmation statement will help check the validity of the statement. Opinion statement is much easier to disregards than factual statement because you might be able to disapprove opinion statements because they might not based on indisputable facts.