While South Africans are still in shock over the deaths of some of the entertainers in the South African industry and are still in mourning, they are trying to come to terms with the fact that they will never hear from their favorite artist again. Many people are still shocked by the deaths and asking questions about what is happening in the industry. That week after week, messages of condolences and rest in peace are sent to the loved one of the life that has been lost, and what is even more concerning is the fact that many of the lives that are being lost are of young people who still have so much more to offer in the world.

Recently, South Africans were left in shock by the death of South African rapper AKA, and people are still seeking justice and answers to why he has been killed. The end of this South African rapper left many people heartbroken and in shock to this day. And now South Africans have been shocked by the death of yet another young rapper, Costa Titch. This South African rapper and musician was loved amongst the youth.

Also, he was a white rapper who seemed to have enjoyed learning about black people, being around them, and enjoying the arts and languages, which made him use them to his advantage by making music. Costa Titch became very popular in South Africa when he released his first song, which people received warmly and enjoyed.

It has sadly been reported that the South African rapper has unfortunately lost his life, and many might have become witnesses to his death. Moments before his death, Costa Titch was seen performing on stage; while he was there the first time, he almost tripped and fell but was assisted to get up, then after his performance, while the crowd was still cheating him on, he suddenly just collapsed on stage, and that is how he passed on.