AKA was dead but missed & hit Tibz
They wanted to make sure AKA was dead but missed & hit Tibz instead – Eye witness details AKA shooting

Shocking details of how hip-hop mega-star AKA was shot and killed in what appears to be a hit have been conveyed to his devastated family by the cops and a friend of the artist who witnessed his brutal murder.

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The award-winning artist was shot and killed by unknown gunmen outside Wish restaurant in Durban, Kwazulu-natal, on Friday night.

AKA’S friend, who did not want to be named, said the recording superstar was walking to his car with his former manager, Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane when two young men armed with firearms approached him and shot him several times at point-blank range without uttering a word.

The mole said AKA arrived at Wish restaurant and saw Tibz’s vehicle parked not far from the popular eatery.

He then phoned Motsoane and asked where he was. Motsoane told him that he was at a nearby restaurant chilling with his friends.

AKA then asked Motsoane to join him at Wish for a discussion while enjoying dinner.

It is alleged that AKA then asked for a private room at Wish to fix his hair before he could have dinner.

After fixing his hair, said the deep throat, he walked back to the restaurant to have dinner.

Motsoane joined AKA and started chatting with him while enjoying dinner.

When he was done, they walked out of the restaurant towards AKA’S car as he was about to head to a club called Yugo, where he was going to perform at his birthday shindig.

The two young men armed with firearms came running from across the road and fired several shots at AKA.

It is alleged that AKA sustained about six gunshots to his head and solar plexus and died instantly.

“They shot Kiernan. As they turned to run away, they turned around to shoot Kiernan again but missed and hit Tibz instead. He (Tibz) was just caught in the crossfire. He was not his bodyguard as widely reported in the media,” said the informant.

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The tipster said after shooting him, the two thugs fled the scene and jumped into a VW Golf GTI.

“Their other friend ran across the road to get the policemen out of the police container to come and help,” said the source.

The source said although AKA died instantly, Motsoane was still alive when the paramedics arrived.

“They tried to resuscitate him (Motsoane), but he passed on while they were busy,” said the source.

The family of AKA’S late fiancee issued a statement and extended their condolences to the Forbes family on the musician’s untimely death.