A sangoma found herself under fire following the untimely death of musician AKA. People wanted her to explain the contents of a message she shared on social media before AKA was shot and killed.

Yesterday at around 1pm, she said there was a disaster as another public figure was leaving us. She said she is even afraid to speak further and claimed her tweet is useless without a name. However, she deleted the tweet after some critics, but it was too late as people got some screenshots.

"This Sangoma must explain and also why she deleted the tweet @DidahMotaung; please explain yourself sister." Johnson Awalle said.

She, later on, came back to apologize and conceded that her tweet was insensitive. "My tweet was never meant to offend anyone. I was shocked to receive a call at this time of night. I acknowledge and apologize, it was insensitive of me." She said.

However, someone came to her defence and claimed that is how spirituality works. They claimed that spiritual people can see things before they could actually happen.
"Spiritual people do see things before they happen, it's just that you never believe them. When I am shown about someone's death, I pray for them. I once saw a dream of Connie Ferguson committing suicide and I prayed about it and for her protection." The user said on social media.