Lerato Kganyago Valentine’s Day

Media personality Lerato Kganyago says she is giving Valentine’s Day a miss this year. 


The Metro FM radio personality Lerato Kganyago took to her Twitter timeline to reply to a follower who reminded her that Valentine’s was around the corner. 

“It should remain in that corner. Re busy ra break, (we are busy working),” she replied to the tweet.

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When another follower @MbaliRantlha said the TV personality is the queen of Valentine’s and that South Africans are eagerly waiting to see what her husband is planning for her this year, she added that we shouldn’t expect anything from her. 

“I see what you’re doing. You’re checking how enormous the pressure is for this year. It’s on, girl; we’re looking forward to seeing this year’s standard. Wena, you’re the queen of valentine,” wrote one tweep.

“I’m being sincere; please don’t expect anything over here. Carry on with your lives, lol,” she replied.

This is because in the past two years, Lerato raised the bar high after her husband Thami Ndlala booked out the entire FNB stadium, and songstress Zonke serenaded them while the couple enjoyed a candlelit dinner for their 2021 Valentine’s Day celebration. In 2022, Ndlala gifted her a Mercedes Benz and a luxury boutique hotel.

The hotel has a restaurant called Amour (French for love, a direct translation of Lerato).


South Africans are still hopeful Lerato Kganyago, who is dubbed ‘the face of Valentine’s Day’ and her husband will surprise them on 14 February, even though she revealed there won’t be any surprises this year. 


“Lerato Kganyago must demand her husband Thami Ndlala to buy Eskom for her.”


“Lerato’s hubby one day he’s gonna kick us out of the country for a day nje.”


“Tomorrow the country comes to a standstill. Whatever Lerato Kganyago does to her man it’s working and she should continue doing it. Y’all must take tips so that you can receive real assets that increase in value.”


“I have my passport ready just in case Lerato Kganyago’s husband has booked the whole country for his wife.”