Ricky, AKA and Cassper

The news of the passing of the legendary artist Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, better known as AKA because of his stage name, has left many distraught. Recognised and loved by the world, AKA has been number one trending on Twitter as people share their concerns. 

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It remains unbelievable to fellow fans who dearly loved him that no new music from him will ever make it to their eyes.

A young man who calls himself Lean Cup seemingly was one of AKA's fans and has shared his heart concern about the death of this incredible artist. This young man is concerned about the end of great artists in the entertainment industry. 
Ricky Rick

"It's just sad because we grew up with Riky, AKA and Casper being the top 3 at the time, and now there's only 1 left", said Lean Cup. 
The scary thing at the moment and our biggest fear as South Africans are losing the only great hip-hop artist, Cassper Nyovest. He shares a very touching statement that we are now left with only one artist from the top 3, Cassperr Nyovest. 
Cassper Nyovest
We still recognise the other uprising hip-hop artist, but these are the pioneers of Hip Hop in our country. Ricky Rick, AKA Cassper Nyovest, helped the South African hip-hop genre to be recognised globally. It is so sad that Cassper Nyovest is left alone in the game, but we trust him to live on the legacy. 

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Our prayers are with Cassper Nyovest, who is also astounded by the death of his colleagues, leaving him traumatised and fearing for his life. He has not yet said anything about AKA's death on his social platforms, as he is said to be weak and inconsolable.