AKA killed Nellie Tembe

On the day AKA will be remembered in a public memorial, a scathing letter detailing how the rapper allegedly threw his girlfriend Anele Nelli Tembe off a hotel balcony in 2021 and subsequently covered up her murder has been leaked…

The letter – written by the Tembe's family lawyers – was served to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) after the latter revealed their decision not to prosecute anyone following her death.

On Monday, the NPA issued a statement announcing that Tembe's death would be investigated via an inquest. They also claimed that the family "made representations" questioning their decision.

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Nelli died after falling to her death off the tenth floor of the Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town on 10 April 2021. She was just 22 years old.

The Tembe lawyer revealed that 'AKA KILLED ANELE', Rapper Kiernan "AKA" Forbes' fiancé Anele Tembe's family believe that the rapper pushed or threw her from the balcony of their hotel room at the Pepper Club hotel in Cape Town two years ago. Which was in 2021 April.

The Timbers also believe that AKA did not attend to Anele, who was alive 20 minutes after she landed on the ground, but instead cleaned the hotel room, with blood and then went to the party with his friends after her passing.

These explosive details are contained in a scathing letter written on behalf of the family by their lawyers TM Incorporated Attorneys to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) in the Western Cape after it declined to prosecute the rapper following an investigation into Nellie's death.

But later, they said Nellie Tembe committed suicide, but his father denied all this in his family and that, they never had someone who committed suicide.

In the letter, partially published by City Press, the Tembe family – via their TM Incorporated Attorneys – revealed their suspicions of what transpired the day Nelli died.
According to a statement by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in the Western Cape Nicolette Bell issued on Monday, 13 February, the NPA met with the Tembe family in June 2022. During the meeting, the DDP explained to the family that they would not pursue prosecution against AKA after making an "informed decision" based on an "extensive investigation" which included "several expert opinions and forensic reports."
The Tembe's then served a letter to the NPA, reportedly two weeks after the meeting, reports City Press.

In it, they make several bombshell allegations, including:

AKA "threw or pushed" Nelli off the balcony
"The deceased landed at a distance consistent with a person that was pushed. She landed approximately five and a half meters awom the building, whereas if she had jumped on her own, she would have landed approximately two meters away from the building."

Evidence that Nelli was defending herself
"The scratch marks on Forbes's body, specifically at the back, were defensive, in an upward direction, indicating that Forbes was carrying Anele on his shoulders while she attempted to defend herself. The scratch marks are indicative that Forbes threw her over the balcony."