Zodwa Wabantu
The famous artist dancer Zodwa Wabantu became a Sangoma after she performed in many clubs for entertainment.

She literally changed for good from her personality to a Sangoma. Zadwa no longer performs in clubs and is booked for events as she takes her calling seriously. Many of her fans complained about her nudity in public areas where she used to function.

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However, she continues in her calling, wearing half-naked. It's in her blood, and she can't get over it. Sangoma's respect the way they wear. They fully cover their bodies. Zodwa said, Casper, is a cool guy. I get the same attitude, same care and same greetings."

Zodwa Wabantu should literally learn professionalism in her career path. People don't like showing off their bodies. She doesn't set a good example as she is exposed to money and wants more exposure.