Ferguson To Shauwn Mkhize

Who Is Richer! Compares Connie Ferguson To Shauwn Mkhize. More and more local black women are doing it for themselves when it comes to financial stability.

We have inspirational women like Basetsana Kumalo, Bonang Matheba, Connie Ferguson and Shauwn Mkhize, who continue to show us that it's possible. The unfortunate part is when we start comparing them n terms of who is doing better.

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Currently trending on Twitter are renowned businesswomen Connie and Shauwn. Sadly their fans and critics weigh in on who is more affluent.

This time it was divided on who is richer between the Durban Contractor turned Reality TV queen Shawn Mkhize and actress turned entrepreneur Connie Ferguson. It all started with a tweep's poll asking who was richer between the two women.

The conversation diverted from the original question of who was richer between the two to show the businesswomen attained their riches as the basis of the argument. Some tweeps felt the way these two earned their wealth was more important than their bank accounts.

Most tweeps defended Connie as they felt that her wealth was justified as she started from the bottom, from her early modelling days in Botswana to become a mogul in the SA entertainment industry. Shawn, on the other hand, tweeps felt she accumulated her wealth through tenders she got via her political affiliations.

Shauwn Mkhize was raised and nurtured in KwaZulu Natal. Florence Mkhize, a former ANC member and anti-Apartheid activist, reared her.

The Florence Mkhize Buildings in Durban's Central Business District are named for the late heroine. The divorce of Shauwn Mkhize and Sbu Mpisane occurred in 2019.

During their marriage, they were blessed with a kid; her son's name was Andile Mpisane, and Sbu Mpisane had another daughter, Sbahle Mpisane, who was six years old at the time of their union.

Since its debut on the DSTV channel Mzansi Magic, the businesswoman's reality shows Kwa Mam'Mkhize has become a great hit with fans. The Mkhize/Mpisane family's history is studied, as are the lives of those closest to them.

Shawn Mamkhize is a well-known entrepreneur.