arrest of the Qwabe twins s

News of the arrest of the Qwabe twins shocked the world. How many rumours of the Qwabe twins going to jail are true?

Identical twins Virginia and Viggy Qwabe founded the South African afro-pop group Qwabe Twins, in KwaZulu-Natal.

In 2019, the Qwabe Twins participated in season 15 of Idols South Africa.

Virginia Qwabe was eliminated after joining the top 5 with Uhuru’s performance of Mafikizolo’s “Khona.” Not long after her sister was destroyed, Vicky left.

The Q Twins landed a deal with Afrotaiment Records and released their self-titled debut studio album in 2020.

Words of Hope (2022), their second studio album, debuted at number three in South Africa.
Qwabe twins in jail: Have they been arrested?

No, the Qwabe Twins have not been arrested, as there is no official word yet.

Since there is no official word on the arrest of the Qwabe twins, it is safe to assume that the jailing of the Qwabe twins is just a rumour.

It was reported that the Qwabe Twins spent the night with DJ Tira, which resulted in their arrest, which is not the case. The Qwabe Twins were falsely accused in prison. (Source: Newsletter)

Viggy claimed they always stated their needs in writing and refused to let men touch their bodies.

“We keep suppressing our needs because we know what we want and where to go. Men will never touch our bodies.”

She claimed that many men rejected them because they showed up to virginity tests as virgins, despite allegedly counting them.
Qwabe Twins’ relationship with DJ Tira

There were also rumours that TJ Tira was arrested along with the Qwabe twins after they were accused of sleeping together.

In ZAlebs, DJ Tira finally responded to claims that he was having an affair with his twin, saying he’d ignored what people were saying.

DJ Tira’s name was cleared after the Qwabe twins revealed on social media that they were participating in this year’s Reed Dance. Dj Tira is reportedly dating the Qwabe Twins. (Source: Fakaza News)

The Qwabe twins rose to fame and became one of the country’s most popular entertainers after competing in the South African Idol talent competition.

Others thought Tira had invested differently, but when he saw their talent, he decided to support their musical endeavours.

DJ Tira told Isolezwe that he doesn’t care what other people think. People on social media say many unpleasant things that should be rejected.

Tira advises you to live your life in a way that gives you more satisfaction.

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Qwabe Twins Relationship Timeline

So far, the Qwabe Twins have not dated any men. But the twins uploaded a video of them kissing passionately, sparking rumours that the Qwabe twins are dating.

However, the twins have made it clear that they are not dating. The twins said they had no immediate plans to start a family because they were both single and unpartnered.

The Qwabe twins are considering having multiple wives, so they don’t have to be separated forever. The Qwabe Twins are kissing each other. (Source: GH gossip)

Ever since the Qwabe twins were spotted kissing, most people assumed they were involved in a secret relationship.

However, the Qwabe twins have faced criticism after releasing a private video of them kissing. Others criticized them for violating boundaries, while others saw nothing wrong with the video.

Supporters and admirers of the twins have defended them, saying they see nothing wrong with kissing as it is shared among girls.

It also raised concerns about their sexuality. But they deny being lesbians, saying they are single and willing to marry many women, so they don’t have to be separated forever.