In a recent video taken in Meyerton, north of Vereeniging, a white man was recorded hurling racist insults at a black man, calling him a k*****.
K-word slur

In the video, the black man is sitting on the ground, holding what looks like a sharp object in his hand and the white racist is standing looking at him.

The residents of Meyerton said racism was every day in their neighbourhood and is usually aimed at black people.

The black man wearing what we can assume as a waiter uniform then stumbles before standing up. He then stood a few meters away from the man and shouted, “I am not a k*****, stop calling me a k*****, I promise I will stab you to death.”

The incident happened in full view of people outside the Midvaal Slaghuis butchery, who were also yelling at the man.

The waiter then repeatedly yells “Do it again.”

Other women who are equally enraged by the man’s racist slur also chant, “Are mo betseng!”, which translates to “let’s beat him up”.

In response, the white man holds a middle finger to the waiter.

“You must go back to where you come from, you are not from here in South Africa. This is our ancestors’ land,” said the woman taking the video.

The man keeps gesturing with his middle finger and approaches the black man, who begins backing away.

The black man is then taken away by another white man into what looks like a small complex.

The man turns to look at the crowd, gesturing with his middle finger at them, and also calling them k*****.